Only you, fish of my dreams.
Though I haven't seen much crocodiles. Waiting endlessly for a proper thought.

Books I enjoyed reading

It's not really whether or not I really enjoyed them but more a combinaison of factors that deems them a worthwhile read. Sometimes it's also pure pleasure.

I share all my e-library on Soulseek under the username "monitus"! Most often, the books I mention can be found on Library Genesis or zlibrary.

The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen


The book is about Daniel Suelo, a man who lived for more than ten years without any money. Mark Sundeen does a wonderful work going deep into Daniel's evangelical and cultural past to deconstruct his spirituality. Compared to other books or content on moneyless living, this book is definitely a captivating read, going less in the practical and more in the narrative.

Petite by Sarah Gysler


Sarah Gysler has traveled for a long time without money after a turbulent time going through scholarity to adulthood. She wrote an autobiography in French. A short but fresh and interesting read.